• mGuru—English and Math for Kids

    The K-5 Mobile Learning Platform

    We build mobile learning apps for K-5 students, focusing on English and Math. Our app provides an interactive learning journey for children, with the explicit aim of accelerating learning outcomes in an engaging way. The vision of mGuru is to package the best learning practices and research into a platform for everyone, so that any child can have the tools to gain basic literacy and numeracy skills. We're a team of educators and technologists, building a fun learning solution that simply works for students and parents.

  • Our Team

    Adam Khorakiwala

    Adam Khorakiwala

    Founder & CEO

    Stanford, Palantir, World Bank

    Ketan Bellaney

    Ketan Bellaney

    Engineering Lead

    Spandea App Dev Head, 10+ years engineering experience

    Raju Bhadke

    Raju Bhadke

    Head of Math Education

    Pratham, Kotak Education Foundation, TISS

    Sk Maniruddin

    Sk Maniruddin

    Android Developer

    Mitul Lapasia

    Mitul Lapasia

    Software Engineer

  • Education in India

    By in large, India's primary school system produces poor education outcomes. From math to language skills, millions of students are simply not learning the material taught at school. Below are some staggering figures that capture the problem of education outcomes in primary schools.


    Source: ASER Report 2014


    of Std. 5 students can only read Std. 2 texts

    1 in 4

    Std. 5 students can only read basic English sentences


    of Std. 3 students cannot do 2-digit substraction


    of Std. 5 students cannot do division

  • Join Us

    We are small team based in Mumbai with a big dream: to dramatically increase education outcomes for India's children. mGuru is a vision and we need help realizing it. We need talented engineers, educators, designers and field workers to build this kind of platform, so if you're interested, please email resumes here.

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